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It’s that time of the year again… Grammy Time! This is when everyone from the music industry comes together for one of the biggest nights in music!

Who will go away with the most grammy awards this evening? The likes of Lady GaGa is nominated in 6 different categories. We have performances to look forward to from Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and so on.

We’ll be here with unpresidented updates throughout tonight’s events. In this post we’ll be reporting on all the Red Carpet antics and in our next post which will be posted later, we will be updating with everything from the ceremony! You don’t want to miss it!

Live Updates

22:30 – We know Lady GaGa has already arrived on the red carpet, around 30 minutes ago. She arrived enclosed in a giant egg, unfortunately we didn’t see her or what she was wearing, it’s all a mystery for this evening! 

22:40 – The mainstream stars are said to be starting to arrive in around 20 minutes time! Don’t forget, we’re here every step of the way tonight!

22:50 – Just 10 minutes before the Red Carpet really hots up! Is everyone ready?

23:00 – Here we go! Live from the Red Carpet with Ryan Seacrest

23:01 – An exclusive encounter with Lady GaGa later on “Live From The Red Carpet” – she is up for 6 grammy awards and she got an award in the pre-ceremony.

23:02 – Lady GaGa is being carried down the stree where the limo’s pull up in an egg and making her way inside. 

23:02 – There will be an interview with Lady GaGa later with Ryan Seacrest but for now he is joined with B.O.B who is nominated for “record of the year” with Nothin’ on You!

23:05 – B.O.B says he is trying to “out do” his last album and who is working with is under tight wraps. Matthew Morrison is now here AKA Mr Schuester from Glee!! 

23:06 – Matthew Morrison has an album coming out in May and his single will be out in a few weeks!

23:07 – Florence from Florence and the Machine is here! Kelly osbourne chose her dress! She is nomionated for Best New Artist this evening.

23:11 – We’re being shown the three best Glam Cam 360 celebs from last year! Beyonce, Black Eyes Pead and Rihanna get the top 3 from last year. Who will be the best on the Glam Cam 360 this year?

23:17 – Kathy Griffin with Ryan on the red carpet now! She is wearing a floor length gold dress.

23:18 – NICKI MINAJ has arrived! 

23:19 – David Guetta has also just arrived on the red carpet and is posing for the press.

23:20 – Nicki Minaj is with Ryan!! He hair is amazing and her dress is awesome, almost leopard print-esque. She says her outfit is a masterpiece and they make a piece of lioness meets her cubs. Ryan asks if it’s all her own hair, she says of course it is!! Nici adds it is amazing to be nominated this evening among amazing artists – she is having a ball. 

23:23 – Bruno Mars is in the house!! He is nominated for “Record of the year” and is nominated for 7 awards in total. He says he has worked with many big artists such as B.O.B and Travis. He says “Just The Way You Are” is such a simple song but so powerful. He is doing a very special tour, UK and Asia and he is doing something very special this evening!

23:25 – Lady GaGa is going to be with Ryan VERY soon and he is going to attempt to do an interview with her. Will it happen?

23:29 – Lady GaGa has arrived in an… egg!

23:30 – Unfortunately, we won’t be able to speak to Lady GaGa because she is currently incubating and will only be born ready for her performance this evening. GaGa’s creative director says she has spent SO much time on the performance this evening. 

23:34 – Kelly Osbourne GaGa really is working the red carpet and there IS oxygen in there so she can breath, there’s an oxygen tank in the egg and there’s a big fan at the back of the egg.

23:40 – Jennifer Hudson has just arrived on the red carpet!

23:42 – Jennifer Hudson is with Ryan – she says she is very excited about being at the Grammys. She says she lives in her closet because she gets excited about wearing clothes. Jennifer says that the tribute for Aretha will be amazing tonight and she is lucky and honoured to be a part of it. Ryan asks her what part she has tonight and she says we’ll have to wait and see!

23:47 – Selena Gomez is with Ryan. She says she feels like an award because she is wearing gold. She says she has just shot her music video for her new single. Ryan says her fans will be able to releate to her fans. Selena says that she loved the “Never Say Never” movie and it was a documentary, not based on music. 

23:49 – Drake is here joined by his mother, Sandy. He is nominated for Best New Artist – in total he is nominated for 7. He says he is representing the whole country and he is excited about being at the Grammys.

23:50 – Crystal Bowersox is on the red carpet!!

23:55 – Julianne Hough is on the red carpet. She says she only chose her dress this morning! For the record, she is Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfriend…

23:57 – Kelly says she is obsessed with Nicki Minaj. Nicki loves the camera and apparently, it only took her 2 hours to get ready – her hair is actually a wig which was made last night and it was just put on her head earlier.

23:58 – Ryan is here with Jordin Sparks. She is wearing a big, red dress. Very nice! 

00:00 – Bruno Marks is posing for the press on the red carpet!

00:03 – Paramore are on the red carpet!!

00:09 – Amber Riley is on the Red Carpet – Mercedes from Glee!!

00:10 –  Dianna Argon is also there! Quinn from Glee!

00:24 – The celebrities are coming in bit by bit!

00:25 – Amber Riley is posing for press pictures on the red carpet!

00:26 – Diana Argon is also posing for press pictures! 

00:27 – Ricky Martin has arrived!

00:30 – Just 30 minutes to go before it all kicks off! Very excited!

00:30 – Willow Smith is on the Red Carpet! She has shoe laces in her hair

00:34 – Mark Salling is here! Puk from Glee!!

00:40 – Eva Longoria is on the red carpet!

00:42 – Bieber is here sporting a (very) white tux

00:45 – Adam Lambert is here!

00:55 – The Grammy Awards are due to start. Please join us over HERE for updates!

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