Green Lantern movie poster released

See Ryan Reynolds in full costume as jewelry-loving superhero Green Lantern in the latest movie poster for the film.

The movie looks like being a nifty origin story for the hero – fighter pilot Hal Jordan ejects from his plane and parachutes down beside an alien wreck. Upon meeting a wounded (and poorly-CGI’d) alien, he’s given a glowing green ring and told to protect our universe. 

The movie’s release is set for June, so not long to go now. Speaking personally, Green Lantern has never been a central character in the comic book universe for me. So in a way it’ll be refreshing to see an origin story and character that are fairly new. And I love the idea behind the ring – that “it turns thought into reality”.

Check out two of the trailers for Green Lantern below:

This next one’s much longer form, but gives you a far better idea of what the Green Lantern’s about.

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