Grey’s Anatomy: Patrick Dempsey wants Derek to be a devoted father in Season 8

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has been talking about what the future holds for his character, Derek Shepherd, when the show returns for its eighth season.

Fans of the show saw Derek and Meredith break up at the end of Season 7, just as their application to adopt a child came through. Derek had eventually found out (via a drunk Karev) that Meredith had messed with his clinical trial. And naturally, was not amused about it.

Talking about what those developments may mean for the next season of Grey’s, Depmsey said:

I think he’ll probably be devoting more of his time to his child than he will to his work.

And it doesn’t sound like he’s in a rush for Derek and Meredith to reunite, either. 

I think there’s a lot more room for them to develop as adults instead of being stuck in this adolescent dynamic. It’s going to be incredibly hard for them to get back together, because she’s really betrayed him on a personal and professional level.

Speaking as a casual Grey’s Anatomy fan (i.e. my wife forces me to watch it!), I have to say that Derek and Meredith’s relationship bugs me. And they’re not really my favourite characters either, so I wouldn’t particularly miss them if either Derek Shepherd or Ellen Pompeo left.

And of course, Pompeo has hinted heavily that she might leave Grey’s after Season 8. But if you think Derek and Meredith will be taking a backseat in the next season, think again. Show creator Shonda Rimes has said that they’re not getting divorced (awww) and that she wants next year to be focused on the original cast of characters, which obviously includes Mr and Mrs McDreamy.

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