Has Michael Lynch been dropped from American Idol?

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite auditionees on [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] this year has been Michael Lynch. Otherwise known as ‘Big Mike’ when referred to by [[Ryan Seacrest]] in his voiceovers, Michael has a rich, soulful voice and a wonderful personality when he performs.

We’re invested in his story – we’ve seen him come from first auditions, through the first day of Hollywood. He even survived the ruthless group rounds while his wife was having their first child back home. It was hard not to feel a warmth toward Michael – a less likeable contestant would have had me wondering what sort of desperate fame-seeker misses his child’s birth for an audition.

However, the rumour persists that Lynch has been kicked out of the competition. Although he was thought to have made the sought-after final 24 contestants, the story goes that his father gave an interview to the St. Petersburg Times confirming this. And that little indiscretion caused a breach in the strict non-disclosure rules that forbid Idol contestants and their families from talking about their progress in the competition.

I’d say that this would make family relations a little bit strained, but I read in one report that Michael and his father haven’t spoken in five years. (Sorry, can’t find the link for that one). However, this piece on American Idolz claims that Michael has been replaced in the Final 24 by Antwan Michael:

Fox declined to comment on Lynch’s reported involvement in the Top 24 and subsequent disqualification when contacted by The New York Post on Sunday. Lynch — whose brother Marque Jr. was an third-season semifinalist in 2004 — was allegedly replaced in the ninth season’s Top 24 by Antwan Michael, a teenager from Highstown, NJ, according to Joesplace. American Idol’s ninth-season Top 24 semifinalists will officially be revealed during the show’s February 17 broadcast.

For whatever reason – because he’s a great singer, because we’ve seen more of his particular journey, because he seems like a nice guy – the longer we watch Michael Lynch in American Idol, the harder it is to believe that he’s going to get booted. The Idol production has shown us everything this guy has sacrificed in order to progress in the competition. You’d think with the number of “I’m doing this to give my family a better life” stories, they’d give Michael a second shot.

I really hope they do. Interestingly, this site claims that Michael has signed a deal with Hood Famous Music. However, from what I can see, this is all old information (look at the dates on the posts). If anything though, it’s an opportunity to hear that excellent voice again.

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a quote from one of our commenters – who left an impassioned plea to American Idol to reconsider their strict non-disclosure rules when it’s beyond the control of the contestant:

If an Idol breaks the rules themselves -dismiss them. If a relative or another person breaks the Idol’s rules – SHAME on them and fine them if you will. But how dare they stop a young person’s career chances because of someone else’s greed. If the father has done this, you can be sure he has interfered in his son’s life before and it might just be a killer for him this time. To be disgraced publicly around the world because of something you DIDN’T do??????

Readers, what are your opinions on this?

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  1. Jodiann4766

    The rules are made clear to the contestants before the process starts.  The ones that make top 24 have to tell people in their lives they made it.  They can’t just take off for LA like they’re going to the mall.  The ones with kids have to make child care arrangements.  They have to inform employers that they could be unable to work for anywhere from a week to close to a year, or quit their jobs.  The young ones have to make education arrangements.  Those people close to them, spouses/parents etc. have to know there is some confidentiality agreement. Idol has never had this issue before.  Why should Michael Lynche be let off the hook?  If the confidentiality agreements can be held for nine other seasons, why is it a problem in the 9th? 

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