Have you been missing The Saturdays?

Well, no need to fear because their back with a brand new single and video.Missing You is the first single to be taken from their third studio album (or rather mini-albumHeadlines. The single will be released on 6th August in Ireland and 9th August in the UK with the album following a week later.

I’m not really loving the track, to be honest. Taking into account that this is only my first listen, I’m not exactly swayed with what I’m hearing. The Saturdays might have scored two Top 10 hits with Forever Is Over and Ego, but the album they were taken from (Wordshaker) have flopped harder than a fat man’s belly.

They shouldn’t have returned with a ballad, even if it does use copious amounts of music’s latest trend…my friend Auto-Tune. So my first thoughts about the new Saturdays single is that it’s dull as dishwasher.

The music video, which was filmed in Malaga, Spain, is nothing to write home about either. Haven’t we seen girlbands fly out to exotic locations over and over again to film music videos? At least all five ladies look absolutely stunning! There are definitely no mingers in this band.

So tell me what you think of The Saturdays new single? Are you looking forward to a return? With Sugababes desperately working on a new album and Girls Aloud on extended hiatus, do you feel that The Saturdays can fill the girlband void? Thoughts below.


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Nothing to do with this single, but one of The Saturdays was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks the other night. Can’t remember which one it was, but the introduction for her was side-splitting: they said “If you’ve ever wondered what Girls Aloud would be like if they were a few years younger and had less catchy songs…it’s The Saturdays!”

    Spat my drink out when I heard it, especially when I saw the look on the girl’s face. I think it was Rochelle. She was not amused.

  2. Dara Hickey

    As Randy said, it’s a ballad, so it’s hardly saying ‘BOOM SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOM WE’RE THE SATURDAY’S AND WE’RE BACK!’


    ‘Excuse me, this is our last chance saloon, poor prouction and uninteresting lyrics are our way of showing this’.

    Hopefully, the group will be wiser in the future, and release ‘Higher’ as the next single – from what I’ve heard, it’s far better than ‘Missing You’

    But to be perfectly honest, the group mis-stepped HUGELY when they chose not to release ‘One Shot’. Now that was bound for a high chart position, I’m guessing JLS’s lackadaisical song of the same name made Fascination Recrods make a little brown mess in their pants. Lord knows, why, The Saturdays’ ‘One Shot’ stomps in dance shoes all over JLS and their ‘one tempo just isn’t enough’ ‘One Shot’.

    Actually, ‘One Shot’ (JLS version) reminds me a lot of ‘Missing You’, what’s the betting it won’t do as well as JLS’ ‘One Shot’ because of the boys’ celebrity status?

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