Hawaii Five-0 – Po’ipu – Episode review

One thing Hawaii Five-0 does extremely well is the fantastic pre-credits sequence, which sets up the episode with a spectacular kill or some kind. Full of swish cinematography and gory deaths, they make Dexter Morgan’s Miami seem like a sleepy retirement village by comparison.

In tonight’s installment, the team are drafted in to investigate the latest pre-credits corpse – a man on a protective detail for a visiting dignitary. This leads the team to believe that the dignitary himself is the target of an assassination plot. And whataya know? It turns out he’s one of them thar genocidal maniac types, throwing himself on the mercy of the US government.

And here’s another significant plot point – Steve McGarrett meets a former comrade from the Seals who turns up as part of the security detail assigned to guard the little dictator.

I don’t know if you guys watched the Knight Rider remake a couple of years back. Like Hawaii Five-0, it pulled the same trick of turning the lead character into an ex-services soldier type. And curiously enough that version of Michael Knight ended up meeting an old army bud – completely by chance – who turned out to be one of the bad guys. I’m pulling the comparison here because the treatment’s virtually identical, right down to the racy camera angles and McGarrett plus hot member of the team bouncing out of a sports car to apprehend a suspect. All that’s missing is the talking car.

Anyhoo, on the plus side, just as I enjoyed that short-lived Knight Rider reboot, I also love Hawaii Five-0. It’s an hour’s worth of action packed, old-school crime entertainment. It’s certainly not going to win any awards for any of its cast or crew, but Scott Caan plays a blinder each week and the straight talking Danny Williams while Alex O’Loughlin plays the broody Steve McGarrett almost effortlessly.

I find it hard to review each individual episode though, because Hawaii Five-0 is a very episodic series and there’s not much in the way of an arc to count down to the season finale. Maybe that’ll appear later on or maybe it won’t, but that doesn’t stop the show being good, albeit throwaway, fun. Hawaii’s clearly a great setting for this kind of show (with a title like that, it has to be), and I think it’ll be a while before I tire of seeing the wonderful panoramic shots of that island.

Aside: Did they really detonate a bomb by mobile phone? Can you buy it in the App Store? Just look for the iExplode app, murderous readers.

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