Hawaii Five-O remake reveals high tech opening sequence

The remake of vintage cop show Hawaii Five-O has revealed its new high tech opening sequence, complete with updated theme music. It’s funny, but I was imagining something like NCIS: Hawaii, but sources are saying that it’s far more action packed, like something Jerry Bruckheimer would come up with.

I’ve done a quick comparison, and the title sequences is remarkably similar to the original, despite the more modern grids and title fonts. I’ll leave you guys to do your own comparison of the old versus the new.

Nice to see that Alex O’Loughlin has survived his stint as vampire detective Mick St John. And Daniel Dae Kim won’t be resting on his laurels after Lost ends. He’s simply swapped one island for another. I just hope that the calibre of babe on Hawaii Five-O beats that of Lost. Slim pickin’s .

And here’s the vintage Hawaii Five-O title sequence. Note the zoom into the balcony, the close-up on the statue and the camera closing in on the aeroplane engine.

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