Helen Mirren poses nude for New York magazine

Helen Mirren’s no stranger to getting her boobs out and generally flashing her flesh in her later years. And she’s done it again. Posing for a photoshoot in New York magazine for photographer Juergen Teller.

To be honest, I’m full of admiration for Mirren for being so self confident to do this, but it’s also a bit like discovering nude photos of your granny. You’ve never discovered nude photos of your granny? Oh…just me then.

However, the celebrity website Yeeeah describes the photos as having a voyeuristic quality to them:

The lighting is weird–it looks like a picture you or I would take.  It’s kind of like walking in on Nana as she’s bathing, which is all kinds of icky. Although walking in on Helen Mirren is a lot less icky than walking in on my Nana, who’s 300 pounds and wears a colostomy bag.

On the other hand, the Washington Post suggests that Mirren isn’t blazing any kind of trail for the older generation. They note the relationship between the release of Mirren’s new movie Love Ranch and the appearance of the photo spread. The thing is, if it’s good enough for Kelly Brook (another Calendar Girl?), it’s good enough for Dame Helen.

What about you lot – when The Beatles performed When I’m Sixty-Four did they imagine doing nude photoshoots at that age? What do you think?

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