Hellcats – Back Of A Car – Episode review

Jumping back into Hellcats after a few weeks of a break (for me), and I’m glad to see that not much seems to have happened. The oddly named Dan Patch and Savannah are still dating, although she’s dealing with her puritanical attitude to sex in a modern dorm situation – as evidenced by her making Dan sleep on the floor while Marti’s boyfriend gets mattress time.

When Marti tries to calm Savannah down, Savannah somehow draws the conclusion that Marti has an ulterior motive in advising her not to lose her virginity to Dan. We, the audience, chortle to ourselves. We know that Marti and Dan are true platonic buds and nothing could ever possibly happen between them, right?

Wrong, apparently.

Thanks to a malicious bit of stirring my Marti’s alkie mother, Dan becomes aware that Marti has a long-standing crush on him. And he’s clearly not adverse to the idea of hooking up with the hot-bodied blonde cheerleader who’s been his best friend for years. Say that last sentence a few times and you’ll understand why. He asks Marti if there’s any reason he shouldn’t go along to that hotel this evening and pop Savannah’s cherry for her. Marti, blindsided by her mother’s betrayal and this confrontation with Dan, blanks him totally and tells him nothing will happen between them.

Thus wrong-footed by Marti, a frustrated Dan goes to the hotel with Savannah intent on showing her a damned good first time. The big slip-up (and I don’t mean that sexually) comes when Dan unwittingly reveals details of his first time. Which just so happen to be exactly the same “shag in the back of a Buick” story that Marti told Savannah earlier in the episode.

I don’t suppose that might be a really freaky co-incidence? No? Thought not.

Let the awkward love triangle/rectangle/shape with uncertain number of sides commence!

What made this episode even more fantastic was that they crammed in a decent storyline for Alice – turning the idea of a football wife on its head, we get to watch her court a reporter for publicity for the Hellcats. She spills the beans on how the school withdrew funding for the team and how they’re serious athletes. It’s nice to see another side to this character other than ‘token bitch’ – you could see her dedication to the team and how seriously she takes her sport. I loved watching her turn the tables on her boyfriend (whose name I haven’t bothered to learn yet).

I won’t comment on the laptop-stealing incident, because it was such a small part of this episode, but clearly these law students are in over their heads, and they’re only going to get in deeper before the season closes.

I’m so glad I tuned in this week. I love The CW’s drama series’ anyway – they’re punchy, often illogical, but always sexy and fun to watch. The 80s themed party might have just missed Halloween, but it was entertaining, even if it was just a funky backdrop for the story to unravel. Looking forward to the aftermath of this week’s episode!

Some quotable quotes:

  1. Dan: “Is it me, or is Savannah getting weirdly intense?”
  2. Marti: “Hang on to her with both hands, Dan Patch. She’s good people.”
  3. Savannah: “Virginity. I’m chopping down the cherry tree.”
  4. Marti’s mother: “Oh I can’t tell you my daughter’s secrets, they would take away my good mother card.”

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