Hellcats – Finish What We Started – Episode review

Hellcats couldn’t possibly have matched the astonishing developments of last week’s episode. The big reveal that Marti and Dan lost their respective virginities together coupled with Savannah’s hilarious run-and-cry scene were hard to beat.

Though Finish What We Started continued the thread of that storyline – with a rift between Marti and Savannah and some unfinished business between Dan and Marti – it managed to tackle a handful of other issues – from Savannah’s sister’s secret pregnancy to the nefarious Athletics Director and his twisted scheming.

Oh, and there’s an interesting plot development with Marti’s legal case.

Savannah escapes Marti by moving back to her parents’ house temporarily. But other problems arise when her sister confides that she’s pregnant. Darn these Christian types, they can’t seem to keep it in their pants. So, like any good sister, Savannah steps in to cover her sister’s cheerleading duties. And hiding the truth from their mother. The storyline is a bit random, but it gives Ashley Tisdale something to do while Marti and Dan are off feeling each other up…in a Buick!

Yes, we can’t avoid the main event – Marti must stakeout a pharmacy in order to discover if the pharmacist is in league with the people trying to frame her client. So what does she do? She takes hunky Dan Patch along with her and before long the pair are stripped off and groping while the pharmacist wanders off with the bad guy from last week. And when it comes to the crunch, she can’t find the car keys to follow the pair. D’oh!

A bit of reflection follows the next day, and Marti decides she needs Dan as a friend, not a big sexy lover. Things get a bit silly by the end when everybody is reunited with their respective boyfriend/girlfriend and everything’s back to normal. Until the next time passions flare up between Dan and Marti. Obviously. Does anyone really think that’s the end of things?

And elsewhere, Bill the Athletics Director continues to make life difficult for the Hellcats by removing their practise facilities. But it’s worse than that, readers! It’s all part of his plan to have Red Raymond help bribe a kid to join the football team. Or something like that. 

Let’s be upfront here – that was the most ludicrous sub-plot I’ve seen on TV in ages. We can overlook it because no-one really cares about the office politics – we’re more interested in watching the hot cheerleaders dancing and dry humping! Hooray! Pretend it didn’t happen and let’s hope they don’t pull any crap like that again.

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