Hellcats, Season 1 – Fancy Dan – Episode review

[[Hellcats (TV Series)|Hellcats]] fans got a big treat last night – an episode of their favourite show and an Aly Michalka gig courtesy of a Patch-y wedding reception.

And on top of that, something for the female viewers to drool over in the shape of Dan Patch (Matt Barr), returning to Memphis for his brother’s wedding to a neurotic nutcase. Both Marti and Savanah (Ashley Tisdale) get wind of Dan’s return and both ladies start preparing to win him back.

This time around, Marti and Savanah are quite open with each other about their desires to win Dan’s affections. Sadly, it doesn’t result in yet another sexy pillow-fight between the two of them. But we can live in hope, can’t we guys?

Hilariously though, just as both girls are preparing to make their heartfelt speeches, we discover that Dan has brought a passionate environmentalist to the wedding. And she just happens to be his new girlfriend. Cruel though it may be, it was fun to watch the to girls get so deflated so quickly – they’d counted on competition with each other, but not on Dan having a new girlfriend.

There’s support for Savanah in an unexpected corner – Dan’s father tells him that he needs somebody to call him out on all his bullshit and that he acted like a grown-up around Savanah. He also advises Dan that Marti is wrong for him because they’re both train wrecks and people always get hurt around train wrecks. I liked that line, but honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Marti!

On the stage, Marti/Aly Michalka works her way through roughly three Rolling Stones tracks. Which is wonderful, but I did find myself getting a wee bit bored with the overt showcasing that was going on. And since I already knew Michalka was a singer, it ruined the ‘story’ a little bit. I didn’t see Marti performing, it was all Aly.

Elsewhere, Vanessa and Derrick decide to get married before he’s shipped off with his Army Reserve and the rush to the altar proves to her that she’s not ready for marriage. And she obviously has unfinished business with a certain primary-color-named coach. And Alice talks to Travis when she finds herself under pressure to visit Jake in prison – but Travis tells her that he needs support and visitors no matter what he’s done, because prison’s a tough place.

I’ve missed a few episodes of Hellcats, but all-in-all I’m linking where the show’s at right now. And although the Marti/Dan/Savanah love triangle seems to have resolved itself for the time being, I’m guessing that there’s some simmering emotion just waiting to explode – if not in this season, then possibly in season two.

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