Heroes – S03E19 – Shades Of Gray, episode review

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Shades Of Gray” sees Sylar reunited with his father, a special appearance from [[Smallville (TV Series)|Smallville]]’s John Glover.

Quick Recap

  • To take her undercover hero refugee camp away from Mama Bennett, Claire sets up her base of operations at the comic book store by getting a job. Her first ‘client’ is dodgy puppeteer Doyle.
  • Nathan Petrelli helps to deactivate the bomb strapped to Matt Parkman’s chest, and makes a powerful enemy in Danko, and inadvertently reveals his power when Danko pushes him out a window.
  • Sylar finally meets his father. But his plan to kill the old man is thwarted when it’s revealed that the father is dying from cancer. However, the old man criticises him for not using his powers to snuff out the agents who’re persecuting them. He points out that Sylar chooses easy targets.
  • Angela Petrelli’s dusgusting oyster eating scares off Danko. Actually, it might be the fact thast she thoroughly outsmarted him by researching his shady past.

John Glover makes a radical departure from Lionel Luthor’s sharp suits, but is every bit the domineering father-figure. As the two confront each other, he attacks Sylar when he discovers his self-healing power, intending to steal the power for himself. He makes an excellent quip about this “not being some epic father-son battle”, which is a nice side reference to his role in Smallville. Wherever he goes though, he’s always got an excellent beard.

Sylar meets his father

Nathan and Danko have been butting heads for a while now, and tonight the situation escalates as the two try to discredit each other. Conspicuously, Petrelli fires Danko, and Danko’s team opt to stay behind. What’s that all about? Danko tries to pump Angela for information about Nathan, but in between slurps of oyster she reveals that she knows all about his shady past.

And Claire’s lame storyline where she sets herself up as a one-woman Hero-relocation service continues as she decides to use the comic book store as a front for her operation and helps creepy Doyle escape the agents and on to a new life.

I don’t completely agree with those who say that Heroes is just as good now as it was during the first series. This episode was stronger than most, as the hype suggested, but the series has become patchy and I’ve become totally uninterested in the fate of the characters. If Tim Kring gets a shot at a fourth series, I’d suggest moving to another location entirely and writing out the highly annoying Claire Bennet and Peter Petrelli and possibly some of the other, lamer cast members. Some of those characters have run their course.

And it’s time Sylar started to be truly evil: he needs to mobilise a gang of evil flunkies with which to terrorise weak humans and the good heroes. All this existential angst – trying to find his father, etc. is all dull. Like so many people have already said, he needs to accept his natural role as a killer. Sylar was so much more scary as a faceless killer in the first series, wasn’t he?

And now I’m wondering who Rebel is. The likely candidate is Nathan Petrelli: he’s got the insider knowledge, plus he was flying outside Claire’s window at the same time the agents came looking for her and she’d just received a message from Rebel. Who else could have got a message on the screen for Tracy Strauss to see? The only question is why? Didn’t Nathan spearhead this initiative? So why sabotage his own operation now?

On an outside chance, it could also be Noah Bennet – it would be an excellent way to redeem himself in the eyes of his family by being the secret informant saving the Heroes.

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