Heroes – The Eclipse, Pt 2: Episode review

Seth Green and Brecklin Meyer in Heroes

Let me start by saying I thought the first part of The Eclipse was pretty lame compared to the second episode.

The Heroes all lost their powers, leaving them vulnerable. Suddenly the smarmy self-healers and electricty/fire/energy shooting superbeings couldn’t rely on their abilities to keep them alive. It was kind of like a handicap version of the show.

Petrelli Family Schism, Part 114

Let me start with Nathan Petrelli, one of my favourite flawed heroes. Nathan’s such a dumbass. There he is, stuck in a Haitian prisoner camp with two Haitian sisters. One is taken away and he begins a monologue to her (in English,which she can’t understand) about how he had power and it was taken away, and how he should have been able to protect her. It’s not clear if he’s talking about political power or superpowers.

Anyway, in the same way he became a fervent bible-thumper in the early episodes of this series, Nathan adds up the sum parts of his recent experiences and comes up with a brilliant idea: human beings should be given powers to help fight injustice across the world. Of course, Nathan’s brother, Pretty Pete is aghast – this fulfils the prophecy that Nathan will stand side-by-side with his father.

So, full of enthusiasm for his latest stupid idea, Nathan jets of to join daddy-o’s hare-brained evil scheme. Dumbass.

Comic Book Geeks

Moving along nicely, Hiro and Ando are still hanging around a comic-book store reading 9th Wonder comics of stuff they’ve already done to remind Hiro that he has an obligation to be a hero. The thrill of seeing [[Seth Green]] and [[Brecklin Meyer]] is an added bonus in these scenes. Seth gets the geek impulses going!

I think my favourite part of it is the slow realisation that Hiro and Ando really are the characters from [[9th Wonders]]. Then, when [[Matt Parkman]] walks into the shop later, they literally fall over themselves with hero-worship – "Dude, that’s Matt Parkman!" What a brilliant way of self-referencing the Heroes crew as fictional characters and ‘real people’ at the same time!

Who’s the bigger psycho: Bennet or Sylar?

In other news, Noah Bennet fails to show up at the hospital as Claire lies dying. Why? Well, he’s decided to go a-hunting for Sylar and ‘lectric girl Elle in order to finish them off. Claire pops her clogs temporarily, until the eclipse finally passes and suddenly her powers are restored. Dammit, killing Claire off would be a good move right about now. Anyone else think that Hayden Panettiere’s character has probably gone about as far as an unkillable teenager can go?

Bennet also manages to finish Sylar off, until he realises that if Claire’s come back to life, the homocidal maniac might have come back to life too.Yup, Sylar’s alive…and he’s pissed. So he takes Mrs Bennet captive, looks set to slaughter Bennet against his fireplace…until Hiro comes along and zaps Sylar and Elle off to a remote beach. So, Sylar, feeling a little misled by Elle decides to give her one of his special autopsies. And thus the hottest woman in Heroes passes out of the series…for now.

And a summary of the best bits…

Here are the highlights of The Eclipse, Pt 2 in bullet form:

  • Touching moment: Parkman’s intervention between Daphne and her father. And his rather blind devotion to a girl he’s previously only dreamt about, despite her flip-flopping between good and bad teams.
  • Hiro’s quick disposal of Sylar: After hiding in a toilet for most of the episode, Hiro suddenly re-appears, saving the Bennet’s from a bloodthirsty Sylar and kidnapping Claire for some rare Claire/Hiro scenes. That’s one for the geeks!
  • Stupidest hero: Won by Nathan Petrelli for (yet again) perverting the meaning of being a hero. Yeah, "Let’s give everybody superpowers". Moron.
  • Saddest hero:Gotta be Mohinder, who bludgeons Meredith’s brain-dead brother so he can go and visit Maya. Yes, the same Maya whom he coccooned in slime in his lab a few weeks ago. D’you think she’s forgiven him yet? Anyway, he didn’t get that far, because as he knocked her door, he discovered he’d turned all scaly and gross again. Awww – will mutant Mohinder ever find love?
  • Evil father who behaves like a b-rate villain in any given (original) Knight Rider episode: Oh, that would be Arthur Petrelli.
  • Ickiest moment: Seeing a little too much of Claire Bennet’s exposed chest cavity for comfort. Ugh.

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