Holby City Tuesday 31st March

While I realise this isn’t a TV show that we would normally discuss, I feel the need to discuss it.

I have never felt so touched by an episode of this TV show before. I tihnk the last time I felt so emotionally moved by an episode of a TV show was when Warrick was buired in CSI Las Vegas.

I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but even if you never watch another episode of Holby City again, then you should this one.

The story begins with a man brought in from a lorry accident. He’s in a bad way: bleeding alot. And then the staff start passing out. The surgeons begin coughing. There’s only one word that can be tagged on to the situation.


What happens next? Well, watch the episode, but for me it moved me to tears and made me pray. The episode ends on a cliffhanger leaving you wanting next Tuesday to come.

Take time out of your day. Be moved. Watch Holby City.

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  1. Lisa

    The scenes between Jac and Joseph moved me to tears and it was so nice to see another side to her character. I completely agree with your review, this is by far the best episode of Holby I have ever seen!

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