Hole choose new second single from upcoming album “Nobody’s Daughter”

Single cover for Hole's "Pacific Coast Highway"

I don’t know if anyone else is excited by the return of Courtney Love’s Hole (no dirty pun intended!) as I am but the band have decided upon a second single from their forthcoming album Nobody’s Daughter. Samantha, which they performed live on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross a while back was originally set up to precede current single Skinny Little Bitch as the second single from the album but now Hole have shunned that in favour of Pacific Coast Highway, a track penned by Love, Linda Perry and Billy Corgan. The song has a more softer sound than the two aggressive songs we’ve heard from Nobody’s Daughter so far. I just wonder (and hope) that Hole will perform well with Nobody’s Daughter which is set for release on 30th April in Ireland and 3rd May in the UK. I think Pacific Coast Highway is a good choice of second single for the band. What do you think?

Hole – Pacific Coast Highway by TheProphetBlog

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