Homefront- A Drama with a Difference

ITV keep bringing us new great drama and Homefront was the latest show to hit our screens. The army drama focused on the wives and families of the army and how they coped when their partners/children are serving abroad.

You always wonder what it’s like to have to deal with a loved one serving in another country and this drama gave a small insight into how it can be. However, it was more like soap and from the first episode you could tell it was going to be full of drama.

Misfits actor Antonia Thomas played mum of one Tasha who unfortunately finds out her husband has been killed in the first episode. I think she portrayed the part well as Tasha tries to come to terms with losing her husband. Having to deal with her young husband being killed is also worse due to the fact she has to keep a front on according to her mother in law, Paula. It’s interesting to see how she deals with the funeral and as the episodes move forward, we saw poor Tasha find out that she was carrying Matt’s second child. Tasha’s mother also came to visit for a couple of episodes and brought a little bit of humour to the show, even though she was a terrible mum. Tasha does develop shock feelings for her brother in law Tom which was unexpected. After having her new baby daughter, she ends up in his arms which was shocking. I still thought she was a good character and it was interesting to see how she coped with losing her husband so young.

Another main character was Paula played by Clare Higgins who was the mother of dead solider Matt and also Tom. She is very matter of fact about the army and in front of everyone she holds it together. But we do see some poignant moments where she realises what’s happening and she can’t get her head round it. Unfortunately they didn’t go very far with the story of what happened to Matt and although we learnt that Tom lied the story didn’t really go much further into it. Paulas relationship with her husband Howard was quite interesting as their marriage also went through crisis as they tried to work out if they wanted to be together any more. I thought Howard was a good character and thought his scene where he saw Matt’s photo was very moving. Paula’s relationship with Tasha was interesting too and I was glad that in the end they had made up. What she would think to Tasha and Tom’s relationship is another thing…

Louise was another character, played by Nicola Stephenson, who I thought was very likeable. The mother of two had the perfect life until she got a photo through the post of her beloved solider husband Joe in the arms of another woman. In the second episode, it becomes clear that this woman is Nicki after Joe warns her to back off. When Louise realises she tells him he can have one more chance if he doesn’t do it again. He promises but in the third episode, she finds out from another army wife that they are at it again.  When he calls she tells him it’s over. But he plays nasty and tries to get her and their two daughters booted out. When he’s back, he kidnaps the kids which end up with him getting arrested after a shocking ordeal where you were unsure whether he was going to end his and their lives. Her story doesn’t end up happy as they part and she goes off to live with her mum. Nicola did a great job though.

The final main character was the Claire, played by Claire Skinner. A newbie to the community, she fell for Pete over the internet. They are now planning to get married and she lives in his home with her son Sam and his daughter Millie. Millie is a madam to say the least, trying to get Sam in trouble all the time and also falling for an army boy who happens to be 18.  Claire has her work cut out with her. Her relationship goes from bad to worse when he falls out with Sam after catching him messing around with drugs. I didn’t like Pete at all and found it hard to believe she would stick around. She decides to call time on her relationship but suddenly decides she does want to get married. I found this really weird considering the show had been building Pete up as a nasty piece of work and all of a sudden we were meant to want them to get married? They ended up marrying in the barracks and as they pulled off, Paula noted it wouldn’t end up happily ever after.

I thought the series was great in parts. I would love to see another series of the show and I thought it was great iT focused on the women in the army.



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