House – Instant Karma (S06E05), Episode review

[[House (TV Series)|House]]’s (or Foreman’s to be precise) diagnostic team are given the son of a wealthy businessman who is dying despite the best medical attention money can buy. In the meantime, Chase and Foreman are trying to cover their tracks in the death of President Dibala, but get overheard by House.

At the same time, House plays some mind games with Thirteen. She thinks he’s trying to get her back to Princeton Plainsboro for something to do with Foreman. But after her flight to Thailand gets cancelled, she blames House for interfering while he claims that he had nothing to do with it. House accuses Foreman of cancelling the tickets, but Foreman pleads innocence.

In the case of Dibala, Foreman discovers an inconsistency in Dibala’s charts and tells Chase about it. Cameron becomes suspicious of Chase and Foreman’s secretive meetings, but Chase reassures her that the inconsistency is just general weirdness and nothing to worry about.

There’s a nice scene between House and Cuddy where she asks him if he’s happy with Foreman leading the team. House says that Foreman loves power while he loves puzzles. Cuddy argues that House enjoys both power and puzzles, but House clearly believes that having both sent him crazy and he’s afraid of having the power again.

It turns out that Wilson is the mystery hacker who’d been cancelling Thirteen’s flights. She discovers this when Cuddy has the IT department trace the IP addresses who’d accessed the account. Wilson tries to convince her that she has a wonderful opportunity in working with House, but she still walks away and takes her flight to Thailand.

As Chase and Foreman become increasingly paranoid about covering up the Dibala death, House becomes suspicious and investigates the matter. Rather than rat the two of them out, House does some background work himself and provides them with evidence to explain the incorrect figures on Dibala’s chart. Chase eventually confronts House about the information he provided, but although House believes Chase won’t be killing any more genocidal dictators, it looks like Cuddy and Cameron are seperately suspicious.

I enjoyed the King Midas style storyline this week, with the wealthy businessman becoming increasingly guilty about his fortune when his son was dying. When he threw his business away and believed that it was this that saved his son rather than House’s diagnosis, I loved House shaking his head. We’ve heard this argument so many times on the show, he didn’t even have to voice his opinion!

Still, I’m finding this Dibala storyline a little bit heavy. It’s extremely serious, and hard to watch earnest characters like Chase and Foreman struggling with the consequences of their actions. Hopefully this arc won’t last for the entire season.

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