House season 7 – The Dig – Episode review

House returns from the abyss for The Dig. Oh, and Olivia Wilde returns from the grid to resume her day-job as Thirteen.

It was refreshing to see Thirteen return to the series, even more so when we discover that her leave of absence was to spend time in prison. Of course, the salient mystery here was why Thirteen was in prison in the first place.

And so House, having served Thirteen a martini from his portable bar, takes her hotness on a road trip. This lasts throughout the whole episode, crossing over with the fairly dull patient of the week storyline when House intermittently phones in for updates.

Thirteen’s return is a hit and miss affair. What works is the revelation that she was banged up for euthanising her brother – but accepting a lesser charge of overprescribing. Okay, a minor nitpick: not even House knew Thirteen had a brother. But that brother also had an advanced form of Huntington’s disease and wanted to die. So Thirteen obliged.

Fair enough. Let’s accept that and move on. Amid a jumble of other emotional junk, Thirteen’s biggest issue was that she had no-one to rely on to euthanise her.

House was at his weirdest – constantly behind the curve with everything that was happening in the episode. He even had a nemesis half his age in the spud gun competition, and was startled when Thirteen knocks at a man’s door and knees him in the nuts when he answers the door. Not to mention his rather unflattering check shirts and his moping about his defunct relationship with Cuddy.

For a touch of light relief, we had Taub having illicit sex with…his wife. Yep, the marriage that refuses to die, despite Taub’s pathological need to cheat. Except now he’s cheating on his hot young girlfriend with his wife. It’s all so confusing. The storyline is so absurd that it’s partially entertaining, but viewer it’s hard to work out where it’s going. Or if we even really care. But of the supporting cast, only Taub and Masters have anything remotely interesting going on at the moment. Foreman and Chase are just increasingly pointless.

The Dig managed to be semi-interesting to watch, particularly the scenes between House and Thirteen. I do think that if the Huddy romance is truly dead, then it feels like all those early season episodes were a bit of a waste of time. The end result is that House is now flailing for something to do or some drama to end up in for the season finale.

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