House – Unplanned Parenthood (S07E05) – Episode review

In last night’s episode, [[House (TV Series)|House]] gets left alone to look after Cuddy’s baby. Hi-jinx ensue.

Here’s the thing: We have to accept that House is in a new situation. This relationship with Cuddy was always going to take him to new places and have House encounter things he’s accutely uncomfortable with. Like dealing with Cuddy’s child.

As viewers, we could grumble that it’s not House. But it is. House is this brilliant diagnostician who prefers a hands-off approach. He doesn’t interact with his patients until it’s absolutely necessary, and he certainly doesn’t like getting his hands dirty with surgical procedures unless he absolutely has to.

In Unplanned Parenthood, House ends up babysitting, but tries to trick Wilson into doing it for him. When Wilson steadfastly refuses, the two get into a stand-off outside Cuddy’s house about which one will leave. Meanwhile the child’s left unattended in the house, and she swallows a coin.

So House and Wilson go through the entire next day trying to hide the child from Cuddy while they try to detect and remove the coin – with laxatives. It’s actually quite funny to watch this brilliantly acerbic diagnostician fumble around. The scene where he calls the team and is exceptionally mean to them, all in a ‘soothing’ voice, is hilarious.

Patient of the Week

The patient of the week storyline is a mind-bender as well. It begins with the a newborn who the team suspect has liver failure. As the diagnosis goes on, they eventually discover that she’s got cancer, which has come from her mother in utero.

It’s hard for me to describe the PotW storyline, because they don’t normally mean much to me. However, the situation – an older mother who’s had a baby by sperm donor and her daughter with whom she has a somewhat frosty relationship – is quite interesting, and it’s interesting to watch the disappointed daughter deal with her resentment when her mother seems so much warmer to the new baby.

And of course, this storyline is notable for having a patient die. When the mother refuses the team’s preferred treatment, she dies shortly afterward from a pulmonary embolism. It’s a sad moment, especially when we realise that the sister will now have to raise the child. But the girl deals with it fairly maturely.


We get a minor sub-plot when House orders Taub to hire a female colleague. After setting Foreman and Chase up for a fall, Taub is suspicious of House’s motives and second guesses himself a lot. He has his eyes on a Doctor Chang, but by the time the episode’s over and he offers Chang the job, she refuses because of the way Taub acted. Not the best this show’s ever given us, to be honest.

Overall, I’m enjoying this season of House. I know there will be some grumbling over his ‘domestic non-bliss’ storylines, but we can’t expect House to do the same things he did in the first few seasons. And there’s no denying that even though he’s currently loved up, House will still lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. And that’s why anything he does in his relationship with Cuddy feels genuine enough. He’s acting in typical House fashion.

My only semi-major grumble is that he’s not interacting with the team enough. I feel there’s a disconnect there, and I’d like him on the ward a bit more.

What’s your take on last night’s episode?

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