How did you rate Victoria Beckham as an American Idol judge?

During the first round auditions for [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol this year]], Paula Abdul was ‘replaced’ by a number of celebrity judges. The first of these, for the Boston auditions, was former Spice Girl and footballer’s wife, Victoria Beckham.

Well, I’d spent all day sharpening my knives to slice Mrs Beckham’s performance as a judge to pieces. And then she went and spoiled it all by being quite good actually.

OK, there were places where her critique was lacklustre. That’s definitely a rookie thing.

However, taking her cues from [[Kara DioGuardi|Kara]], Victoria was mostly positive in her comments and avoided being cruel, even to the most vocally challenged and stunted auditionees. She managed to be honest with them without being disrespectful.

This may seem very twee, but our preconception of Victoria Beckham is that she’s aloof and looks down on the ‘little people’. And just like with a lot of celebrity preconceptions, we may be wrong here.

Other things I liked – she challenged Simon when he was being dismissive: “Why do you do that? (What?) Rolling your eyes like that – stop doing that!” She also got a little girl bonding with Kara and even boogied in her chair for a bit.

Overall, I enjoyed Mrs Beckham as a judge tonight – what were your thoughts? Share them in the comments?

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