How to make Harry Potter tougher…

I’ve always considered Harry Potter as a bit of a wuss. With the glasses and always being bailed out by someone else or accidentally worming his way out a situation.

But what if we beefed Harry Potter up a little bit, perhaps got someone a bit tougher to play the role. Bruce Willis. It’d be worth it just for what would ultimately become the new Harry Potter catchphrase:

Yep, that’s more like it. Watch out, Voldemort. This Potter isn’t gonna take any more shit.

Anyone care to suggest a title for the movie? “Harry Potter and the…”

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  1. jjooeh

    Harry Potter and:

    • the Last Muggle Standing
    • the Unbreakable Sixth Sense
    • 16 Blocks to Azkaban
    • the Last Half-Blood Boy Scout
    • Death Becomes Her-moine
    • Live Free or Dumbledore

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