Hung’s penultimate episode sets the scene for a great season finale

Ray and Tanya in Hung

It was almost as if Lenore heard our cries of dismay at her absence in last week’s episode. She strode purposefully into Ray’s school and beckoned him outside the classroom for a chat about ripping her off.

Because this, the penultimate episode in Hung’s second season, is where things start to fall apart: Ray finds out about Tanya ripping off Mike and Frances, Lenore gives him a pretty clear threat that she’ll destroy him if she doesn’t get paid, and Tanya is desperate and remorseless after Lenore destroys her reputation at work.

Elsewhere in the b-plot territory that is Jess’s world, her marriage starts to collapse properly this time as Ronnie discovers she went to another dermatologist behind his back – the ultimate slap in the face for a ‘skin man’.

Highlights of Fat Off My Love are:

  • Ray getting cold-shouldered by Mike. He doesn’t even try to explain his way out of the situation, because he knows he’s been screwed over by Tanya and there’s no hope of regaining his friend’s respect.
  • Lenore spreading the rumour that Tanya’s a sociopath and the gradual meltdown that Tanya experiences, culminating with her beating Horny Patty with her belt in the middle of the office. Lenore’s a pretty vile character, but Tanya has been in need of a karmic slapdown for the last couple of episodes and boy did she get one.
  • Tanya’s latest session with Charlie, who is obviously the Yoda of pimping. Charlie’s tired of giving her advice only for her to mess it up every time, especially since she only has one prostitute and he won’t do male clients. Tanya must look pretty dumb. It has me wondering if she’ll cut her losses with Ray and try to hook up with someone else.
  • Ronnie’s acceptance speech meltdown: in front of his fellow skin professionals, Ronnie exposes all his marital problems to a packed room. But because he’s a creep, we feel little sympathy for him! Still, his little meltdown sends Jess running back into Ray’s arms, which will make for an interesting finale.

I think with Ray and Jess’s rekindling their romance, it’s worthwhile taking a second look at the love triangle between Ronnie, Ray and Jess. I’ve opened up a forum topic to discuss just this – is Ronnie really the guilty party here or the victim of a woman who can’t work out if she wants passion or stability? Something to think about.

Before I wrap up this mini-review, I thought the scenes with Tanya were great this week – first, when Ray chased her around the office to get some answers about Frances and Mike, and then when Horny Patty taunted Tanya by calling her tea brain and accusing her of theft. Tanya’s a sad, cringeworthy character and she’s lost a lot of our respect by screwing over her business partner. I can’t help but wonder how this will feed into the finale and if Hung returns, will Ray and lenore be working exclusively together?

Bizarre moments: Mostly involving Ray’s kids this week, when Darb asks Jess if she likes the fact that her daughter if fat. Jess tries to hedge around it. I can’t help wondering if Darb was trying to provoke an argument. And a brief scene between brother and sister where Darb asks her bro to stop writing poetry about her. What was all that about?

Quotes from this episode:

  1. Jess (to Ronnie): “Can’t you see, when I’m not with you I don’t know what happiness is. Please don’t leave me Ron, I’ll die.”
  2. Mike (to Ray) “You’ve been getting fat off my love.”
  3. Tanya: “Good people get ignored and stepped on…I’m a pimp Ray, and you’re a whore. What did you think we were doing here? And we’re not good people, we’re criminals.”
  4. Ronnie: “You wanna touch beautiful women and not get slapped? Dermatology!”
  5. Ronnie: “I’m the allergen. See, my wife is allergic to the thought of having a baby with me. Or maybe she’s breaking out because she still wants to have sex with her beaver catching ex-husband.”
  6. Horny Patty: “The only thing you’re good at is punctuation.”

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