i love torchwood

hi this goes out to any torchwood fans if (like me) your annyed about ianto jones’s death check out these links








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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I was a little bit annoyed at Ianto’s death, as I felt there was more they could have done with the character. He’d been underused, and in the first episodes of Children Of Earth was making a great impact on Jack’s life. At the same time, sustaining such a loss was important for the story in order to push Jack into sacrificing his own grandchild.

    By the same token, big things are surely in store for Torchwood whenever Jack gets back. I loved the way Jack jetted off at the end of the series, in a Hitchhikers Guide… kind of way. Maybe he’ll come back to a new team and some brilliant new tech picked up from his interstellar travels!

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