I miss Holly

I miss holly on the xtra factor.

I must admit, I never thought I would say this. I always thought she seemed a bit up herself. But,I will openly admit when I’m wrong. She irritated me, I didn’t know why? Maybe it was because thats the way it should be? who knows?.. anyway.. it wasn’t anything about being up yourself, it was all about confidence and loving her job, I see that now.. yeah I know maybe I’m a bit slow.. age begets me- though I thought  it would help me! hah hah ahhh.. now I see the light (tho I don’t watch morning tv, even though Philip is hot!)

 Strange how the tv can evoke thoughts like these eh? :~D

 The last episodes she was in just seemed wrong for some reason,?? I don’t know, and I was given the wrong impression?.. media can do that eh! I was just reading about the groups who trashed Simon’s pad too.. hmmmmm?( just a story or??.. who knows?) .. I would have been a bit peeved too!.. where is respect these days eh?! If my daughter was involved in that she would have had the cold shoulder from me thats for sure! (and I know how she hates my cold side!¬)


LL*P xoxox



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