I thought this very noble

I thought it very noble of Mr Brown to resign. His words echoed volumes.

A vision for the future ~A better world even, the start of something new …who knows?  Oh How I like to dream big! ;^)

Co-alliance speaks volumes to me.

He’s not thinking of himself, he’s thinking of us, we the voters.

I find that very admirable in a person.


To step down for the needs to better this land of ours, (although some critics may see that as defeatism) I myself see this as the oneness

He speaks for all those voters out there and as he so rightly put it, we the public were dissatisfied.


My only hope is that Mr Clegg can also see what the oneness can see.


I myself like the thought of a new government formed in this way.

I can see 2 working as one

And it begins with Mr Clegg And Mr Brown; whose resignation obviously means a position to be filled.

Surely it goes without saying, in the interests of alliance, Mr Clegg should fill this seat?

And I believe this alone would make a statement to the world…

… A united government and a stronger economy too!


  1. Rosie-Lee

    What annoyed me was the right wing tabloids and their spiteful comments about Mr. Brown being a squatter in No. 10.  Whatever else he is, he has been our PM for some time, and you would think a bit of respect wouldn’t go amiss.  Now, when he steps down, they have turned on him yet again.  I have a feeling they didn’t expect that and thought he would hang on!  

    Mr. Clegg will not be PM, by the way, it doesn’t work like that.

  2. Indriel


    Hi Rosie_Lee


    ….But he’s deputy P.M! That’s good yes? … Does that mean if for some reason the prime minister has to step down that he automatically becomes the next P.M? Or Do we as the general public have a vote?

     Or is it like most of politics, behind closed doors and all that?

    As for those spiteful comments.. In my eyes, to rise above them.. and it shows he has.




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