I wanna date Felicia Day’s avatar

Funniest video on the web right now is Felicia Day‘s Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? Taking the piss out of Internet-nerdery in the way that only a stunningly hot girl can, Felicia pouts and teases her way through the video dressed up as an MMO character. No, I don’t actually know what MMO stands for. But it’s geeky, trust me on that.

Check out some of the lyrics:

Grab your mouse and stroke the keys
Here in cyberspace there’s no disease

The group are calling themselves The Guild, but I came across Felicia after watching the final episode of [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]]. Interestingly, the video is directed by Jed Whedon. Yes, the brother of Buffy and Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon.

A brilliant geek-out, and now I’m going to re-watch that final episode of Dollhouse, looking out for Miss Day. She certainly does look good in a wench outfit.

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  1. priyabhakta

    What I love about Felicia Day is that she actually is a gamer and knows what she’s talking about so the humour she uses is never condescending. The Guild is actually an online drama she created and it’s about the lives of these six gamers who know each other from being part of the same guild in an MMO (massively multiplayer online game).This music video was a way of promoting the start of the third series and, wow, has it worked.

    Felicia also played the love interest in Joss Whedon’s Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, a musical film which was premiered online during the writer’s strike.

    Although Doctor Horrible is no longer avaliable on its official site, both that and The Guild are well worth checking out.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’m surprised that I’ve never heard of her before – and then suddenly she’s everywhere. Funny how when you get involved with the Whedon brothers, you more or less have a job for life, isn’t it?

      Still, I really like her style. She’s actually miles away from the character she played in Dollhouse, which is why I would never have associated the two.


      By the way, have you been watching The Guild, Priya?

      1. priyabhakta

        I am a fan of The Guild but as far as I’m aware the third series doesn’t start til next week. I haven’t actually seen any of Dollhouse (I’ve been avoided your reviews and various websites for spoilers), I’m just hoping Channel4 will buy it… I’ll probably just end up getting the box set.

        It was Dr Horrible which really cemented my crushes on Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris. I highly recommend you watch both that and The Guild though.

        As a taster here’s my favourite song in Dr Horrible;


        (p.s. if you’re a massive Whedon fan, she was in Buffy as well)

        1. Gerard McGarry

          Love the song! I kind of avoided Dr Horrible because of the massive amount of hype surrounding it. Seems like I made a big mistake.

          I don’t remember her from Buffy though – any chance that she was in the later series? I haven’t quite made it to the fifth, sixth or seventh series yet.

          1. priyabhakta

            Yes, she was in the last series.

            It’s funny, the DYWTDMA has rekindled my love for Dr Horrible even more than it has for The Guild! I’ve been playing Laundry Day constantly and must crack out the DVD. It did get a lot of hype though, I know a few friends who avoided it for that reason; it was well deserved hype though, it was such a fun romp. Did you know Neil Patrick Harris was voted number 1 in the 2009 AfterElton Hot List?

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