Idols Are Higher – Saturnalia Review (5 Stars *****)


Idols Are Higher have recently re-released their debut album ‘Saturnalia’ due to an increasing amount of interest and airplay on US and Internet based radio stations. 

The album, ‘Saturnalia’, consisting of eight original songs from the band was originally released and recorded in late 2006.

The tracks like ‘Hells Child’  and ‘Fear The Strange’ stand out as through and through classic hard rock singles off the album which are tempered by the more involved and ‘catchy as hell’ tunes like ‘Hypomnesia’, ‘MIH’,  ‘Kept Behind The Line’ and ‘Left To Design’. All of which stand on their own as singles in their own right.

‘Inamorata’, a rock love balad is the classic track for me off this album.  It’s one of those tracks that starts slow but then builds to a crescendo that shows off the talents of the whole band, great vocals, outstanding guitar riffs, driving bass and rhythm.  This one sticks in the mind!

For a debut album it is surprising it didn’t get more attention at the time of it’s original release.  Each track provides a combination of melody driven rock with unique guitar riffs, strong rhythms and distinctive vocals.

I hope this album (which recieves 5 stars from me) continues to get the airplay it deserves and it gets their music heard by more people than ever.  Give them a listen on [[|]]

The album is available on-line through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other major download retailers and through CD orders to their publisher – Mowbray Publishing.

      Idols are Higher


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