I’m A Celebrity 2010 Update: Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair join the camp

It’s been a few days since I’m A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here 2010 began. I decided to hold off a couple of days before blogging about it. You know, to get a feel for the contestants (not Kayla, surprisingly) and the camp dynamics.

The thing is, aside from Gillian McKeith gradually making herself the least liked person in Britain – and with David Cameron and Katie Waissel still upsetting the populace, that’s quite an achievement – there hasn’t been that much to write home about. It’s been passable entertainment, with Shaun Ryder and Stacey Solomon earning massive respect and Nigel Havers looking like he might go proper psycho at some point. Here’s hoping.

And Lembit Opik. Poor, dear, Lembit. I love him in the way that you can only love a Lib Dem politician with a jauntily lop-sided face who regularly leaves his credibility at the door to do reality TV. Who’d have thought he’d be the whipping boy for the Parliamentary expenses scandal at the hands of Linford Christie?

Tonight’s episode sees ‘comedians’ Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair join the show. Which is much more preferable to Jedward going into the camp. Joly promises to be grumpy, lazy and generally anti-social. And Jenny promises to be just as useless. Still, Dom’s come equipped with some pre-prepared Jungle Jokes. Hooray!

When our intrepid newbies join the main camp, they waste no time in getting to know their new buddies. And it takes literally no time for Jenny to establish that she can’t stand Lembit Opik. And probably Gillian McKeith. It’s become practically fashionable to despise the fake nutritionist and her faux fainting ways.

I’ve got to say, I kind of tuned out at this point. That’s the other thing with I’m A Celebrity this year, I’m not totally sold on the mix of contestants so far. I glossed over Linford having a row with Stacey and other random bits of unremarkable footage. Let’s give Dom and Jenny a chance to settle into the camp. It might be a lot more interesting tomorrow.

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