IMDB Poll for Today

Hello, Everyone – Movie Lovers! I hope I can find some other like-minded ppl to correspond with here, but anyhow…

Internet Movie Database had a pretty awesome poll question today about TV actresses who should do more movies. Since I watch a lot of movies and a good amount of TV every week, I’m often thinking of that sort of thing myself, especially since I really like a lot of TV actresses and would like to see them more, like on the big screen and such. Sarah Chalke was listed – who, of course, just did a crazy but fairly good movie for Lifetime. They also had Robin (Cobie Smulders) from “How I Met Your Mother” listed, and though I’ve liked her (and adored her character) for quite some time, I had no idea her name wasn’t as pretty or traditional as her character’s – but, she is from Canada, just like Robin. How cool!  ;p

Olivia Wilde from “House, MD” was there as well, and though I have seen a few episodes of the show, I haven’t watched recently – but I know she’s a good actress and remember that I liked her and her character quite a bit when I did watch.

Any-hoo, what actresses on TV shows do you think should do more films??

I need people to discuss this sort of thing with, so please let me know whenever you have a moment! Thanks!


  1. Lisa

    I have to say I have a huge soft spot for Sally Fields in Brothers and Sisters. I know she has done her fair share of movies in the past but of late she seems to have neglected that side of her career. She is such a diverse actress, I think I would watch her in just about anything.

  2. Claire Marie 1982

    I’m curious. What gives you the soft spot for her?? Granted she’s talented, but her voice kinda irks me, and she gets stuck with a lot of whiny characters… I’m totally 50-50 about her, but I do know that she wanted to get back to a TV series and take a break from movie-making, which I think was sensible and an overall good move for this stage in her life. 🙂

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