Injustice at Elstree: Four evicted in the lead up to the Big Brother 2010 final!

Tonight on Big Brother, four people were mercilessly culled from the show. Including three of the most interesting housemates on the show this year.

First to leave was Steve Gill. He was followed by Corin Forshaw – which saddened me greatly because Corin has been a real force of nature within the house and far removed from the Katie Price lookalike we all thought she’d be. Shockingly, the walking talking irritant Sam Pepper was next to get booted out and he was followed by the Australian Rage Machine John James Parton.

With the exception of Steve, the other three were Big Brother gold. Housemates who made us laugh or had us shaking our fists at the television. I know some of the guys on the Shout forum will be glad that John James got booted because of the privileged treatment Big Brother gave him this week with phone calls, etc. I’m just glad he got out of there without murdering anybody.

Oh, and I thought it was priceless when they played clips of John James and Josie to the Kylie and Jason theme from Neighbours. Even better that the song was sung by ANGRY Anderson!

The official five finalists are now: Josie Gibson, Andrew Johnson, Dave Vaughan, Mario Mugan and JJ. Many commentators have said that it looks like Josie is a dead cert to win. What do you guys think? Jump on board and have your say.

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