Introducing – Dinosaur Bones

The good and bad thing about the SXSW showcases is the sheer number of new bands you start getting emails about. It’s almost impossible to listen to them all, never mind write about the ones you like.

But I’m glad I turned on to Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones, even though there’s a distinct lack of material on their MySpace page. On the other hand, the two songs that are currently featured on their player are so top notch that they deserve a spotlight.

First up is Ice Hotels, a track that builds layer upon lavish layer of sound while a romantic tale plays out in the verses. Booming, deep drumbeats punctuate the lyrics and build the tension up until it’s all released with a single cymbal crash, then silence. Royalty takes the band into a bass-heavy rock groove while singer Ben Fox puts in an impassioned vocal. On the press release, they describe Dinosaur Bones’ songs as “broody pop gems, dripping with haunting synth layers and a throbbing rhythm section”, and there’s not much more I can add to that. Check out Ice Hotels

Dinosaur Bones were formed back in 2008, when vocalist/guitarist Ben Fox decided to quit university and return home to Toronto to start a band. And academia’s loss was our gain, from what we’ve heard so far. Fox put together Dinosaur Bones from an array of former bandmates and acquaintances. The current line-up of the band is:

  • Ben Fox – Vocals/guitar
  • Branko Scekic – Bass
  • Dave Wickland – Keyboards
  • Lucas Fredette – Drums
  • Joel Clifton – Guitar

We hear that the band have been in sessions to record their debut album with producer Jon Drew. Not sure if that means we’ll get a full album’s worth of material in 2010, but I like to think so.

They’ll be playing Billboard’s SXSW showcase on 18th March if you happen to live on that continent (grrr!). If – like me – you’re a million miles away from the SXSW action, then tune into their MySpace page or join their Facebook page.

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