Introducing Neon Trees (debut album Habits out in March)

I just got an email about this four-piece from Utah called Neon Trees. Not only do they have a gorgeous female drummer, one of the coolest domain names ever, Oh yeah, and they’ve got a sound reminiscent of The Killers before Flowers & Co ditched their guitars in favour of all-out synths.

Lead single, Animal, has alt-rock riffs to die for, and the video sees the band in obligatory ‘rocking out in the desert’ territory, further reminiscent of that band we’ve already mentioned and won’t bring up again for the rest of this article. Singer Tyler Glenn puts his throat through the wringer on this track with a gravelly rock vocal as the band play catch up to his enthusiastic delivery. By the end of the track, there’s a veritable frenzy of climaxing out of your speakers.

If Animal is a great introduction to the band, you should check out their MySpace page or better still, their official website –, which has a fantastic series of videos of the band playing in an intimite studio. They can do stripped-back acoustic numbers just as well as they can blast through frenetic rock tunes.

KROQ confidently predict that Neon Trees will end up ruling the universe:

With influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Morrissey, this band easily produce’s a sonic swirl of ambient dance rock that can’t be overlooked.

The band are made up of Tyler Glenn (lead vocals/keyboards), Chris Allen (guitars), Branden Campbell (bass), and Elaine Bradley (drums/vocals). If you like them, you can even Twitter them @neontrees. I urge you to go and say hello to them, tell them you like their music.

And if you like what we’ve given you so far, Neon Trees will be releasing their new album Habits on 16th March 2010 on Mercury Records. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from this great band – there’s just not enough of their music on MySpace (hint hint, guys!)

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