Introducing: Paper Tongues from North Carolina, USA

I came across Paper Tongues this evening, after getting an email about their new single Trinity. They’re a massive 7-piece band straight outta Charlotte, North Carolina.

You know how it is when you’re writing about new bands – you get a hundred emails per day begging for a listen and a namecheck on the blog. Most of them instantly disappoint and the email gets deleted, but once in a while you strike gold. That’s what Paper Tongues are: gold.

With that many musicians in a group, the sound is going to be huge – and it is. I hesitate to call their style straight rock, because this is a versatile band. They’re capable of some arena-sized rock tunes that sound like Coldplay getting their arses kicked by The Killers (i.e. Coldplay’s musical ambitions, but with style and passion). On the other hand, the track that’s playing right now – Everybody has this intriguing drumbeat, funky and accompanied by a great bass groove. The lyrics are fantastic – “Lisa I know you’re hurt, but get your face out of the dirt.”

This is where we take a minute to talk about frontman Aswan North. This guy is the attitude behind the band, and with six musicians playing behind you, you’ve got to stand out. Check out this video where no less than [[Randy Jackson]] tells how North came up to him and told him to listen to his band:

To get a listen to Paper Tongues, jump on over to their MySpace page, or indeed join their network on Ning where you can browse for more information on the band and watch videos of them in action.

Finally, there’s an in-depth piece about the band on JustPressPlay. Worth reading.

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