Ivana Trump evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Ivana Trump is the sixth evictee from [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother 2010]].The previous two evictees were Sisqo and actor Stephen Baldwin.

Ivana is still best known in this country for her marriage and subsequent divorce from the American tycoon Donald Trump. As far as her billing on Big Brother goes, she’s been termed an entrepreneur by the show – which probably goes some way towards correcting the perception of her as living off Trump’s alimony payments!

During her exit interview, she admits to Davina that she was initially wary of Stephanie saying “Uh oh, two spoiled dames!”, but acknowledges they developed a close friendship in the house.

She praises Stephanie’s grounded nature, sense of humour and worldliness. Davina tells her that Stephanie nominated her in the speed evictions – but Ivana says that Stephanie probably recognised her restlessness. She tells Davina that she rarely stays in the same country longer than 10 days, so to stay in one place for so long is unusual for her.

Talking about the housemates, she calls Vinnie “a nice guy” and says she got along with him well. She calls him controlling though. When pressed, Ivana admits that she thought Alex Reid was hot and “a nice guy”. Ivana says she’d see his fight if she’s in the country at the time.

On Jonas Altberg, Ivana thought he was “a little bit annoying” and she didn’t particularly warm to him at all. Asked about a potential winner, she says it’ll be between Vinnie Jones and Dane Bowers, though she favours Vinnie to win.

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