Jacqueline Dunford withdraws from American Idol leaving an upset Chelsee Oaks to go it alone

We’re going to just go ahead and make up this next part – Jacqueline Dunford, part of the much-trumpeted [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]] power couple with boyfriend Nick Fink – died of a broken heart.

Well, she didn’t die exactly. She fell sick. But we’re fairly sure she simply couldn’t continue without the boy with the shit-eating grin. And therefore, having come this far with her Idol journey, poor Jacqueline is forced to bow out. The judges tell the shattered hopeful that her health is the most important thing and she has to go to hospital. End of the road for Jacqueline, folks.

Leaving poor Chelsee Oaks without any support in the auditions process.

You might remember that Chelsee attended auditions with boyfriend Rob Bolin until he got rejected in the groups round. Well, she’d also struck up a friendship with Jacqueline Dunford. After Rob left the competition, Chelsee seemed to lean on Jacqueline for moral support and she was devastated when her new friend had to withdraw from the competition.

We saw Chelsee teary-eyed as she prepared to go on stage. She went on and sang Kelly Clarkson’s Because Of You. You could hear a good quality in her voice, but Chelsee was definitely off form – it wasn’t her best vocal, and it certainly wasn’t up to American Idol standard. But will the judges overlook this one performance and give Chelsee a second chance? We’ll have to wait and see…

Fast facts

  • Name: Chelsee Oaks
  • From: Nashville, TN
  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: Waitress

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