Jade Goody is definitly the Ultimate Housemate!

Even though Jade Goody is dead, she is still the Ultimate Housemate by far! She only went into the BB House for a bit of fun, to have a good time and see if her life could get any better then it already was. A lot of people have hated her for so many years and even some of her fans have hated her because of what she had become. But personally I think she had a really lovely, bubbly personality. I mean, come on at least give her a break! She’s had so many bloody ups and downs in her life especially when she found she was dying due to Terminal Cancer! I was extremely shocked and felt sorry for her! I mean, poor Jade. How hard must that have been for her, especially when she had to tell her 2 sons, Bobby and Freddy that their mummy was dying slowly?! I was devestated when I finally found out by the cover of the newspaper that Jade Goody had been put to rest on Mother’s Day. Well, like I said she IS definitly by far the best thing that had possibly happened to Big Brother and it’s fans!

              R.I.P Jade Goody, you always will be a treasure to the world! xxxx


  1. slaneyvalley

    I’m sad that she died at such a young age and that her children are motherless. Jade was brilliant for the way she brought cancer to the fore and whereby young people became more aware. I thought she was very brave.

    But the Ultimate Housemate, sorry but not a chance.

    1. BigBrotherlover

      I respect your comment on my Blog but everyone’s entitiled to their own opinions. And my opinion is that personally in my case, I see her as the Ultimate Housemate in my eyes but in your eyes I see something totally different towards what I wrote yesterday. But as I said at the start, I honestly respect your opinion towards my Blog yesterday. Anyway, thanks for the comment! Keep them coming please.

    2. Gerard McGarry

      Who is your ultimate housemate, Slaney? Is it someone who’s inside the house right now, or have they left someone out?

      I cannot for the life of me think who I’d prefer for Ultimate Housemate – Jade’s not it for me either. A few thoughts:

      1. Nadia – a Portuguese transsexual who was ecstatic when she won because it represented a kind of universal acceptance.
      2. Chantelle – a fake celebrity who became a real celebrity because of Big Brother – just an example of how BB can turn ordinary people into household names.
      3. Craig from BB1 – for being the first winner, devoting his winnings to help a sick child and for confronting Nasty Nick.
      4. Vanessa Feltz – for her memorable, epic meltdown.

      Those are just a few thoughts. If Jade was alive, she should be in the running, certainly. Just a personal thing, but I probably wouldn’t want her to win.

  2. affiinity

    Jade provided us with some fantastic moments in big brother and well outside of it too but she cannot be the ultimate big brother contestant.

    When you say big brother the first person who comes into my mind is Brian Dowling. Sweet, witty and funny. The most important thing is that had not one gram of fake in him whereas with Jade I felt she was sometimes.


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