Jades battle televised!

With Jades Goody’s wedding being televised this week on Living TV and her battle being recorded right until the end, we have to ask ourselves has reality tv gone too far. It certainly shows a huge amount of strenght for her to show her weakest and most terrifying moments to the public, concluding her career in the way which it began. As her battle becomes more intense, “Jade” will certainly become more controversial as it is reality tv, in many eyes, gone wrong.

I think that if people have serious reservations about this show, then they know not to watch it. Jades wishes to live the last days of her life on front of the camera by right, are being granted. Its a show which is close to many peoples hearts for many reasons whether you are a Goody fan or not. Its a show that is spreading a huge amount of Cancer awareness more than any official ad campaign. For the first time we are truelly seeing “reality tv” as nothing about this battle is scripted and for the first time its shows a vunerability in a way which makes it a tv first.

Max Clifford has advised Jade to stop with the documentary/tv show, saying “dont you think enough is enough”, Jade will decide herself when enough is enough. She has lived her life on front of the camera for seven years claiming it was the happiest times of her life. Its obviously something she is passionate about and this documented battle can only do good. Young reality fans have now been made aware of some of the severe aspects of this cruel disease. Jade is truelly selfless and brave with how she is going about her final weeks. The two hour wedding will truelly be tv history.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Sorry, but I’ve got to comment on what you said here:

    I think that if people have serious reservations about this show, then they know not to watch it. Jades wishes to live the last days of her life on front of the camera by right, are being granted.

    Because it’s not just a television show, it’s horrible, unescapable round the clock media coverage. It’s the spectacular, hypocritical media u-turn: they used to describe in terms that would have made Satan ashamed, now they’re falling over themselves to pay tribute to her.

    I think this article makes some good points, key points being:

    1. as the writer Decca Aitkenhead called it, “the pornography of death”
    2. a satirical website posted an article claiming that “Goody is to be made into a Chav Saint when she finally succumbs to her much-publicised illness”
    3. Rod Liddle at the Spectator described Goody as a “thick, coarse chav” whose cancer-as-publicity-stunt marked a “new low” in modern entertainment. What next, he asked: “I’m a Tumour, Get Me Out of Here?”

    It’s like rubber-necking at a road accident – the public are lapping up this tale of woe. But how many other people will die of cancer this year? Jade is one of many. Her story isn’t different, per se.

    The ‘pornography of death’ statement is important. Do we need to be aware of every twist and turn in this woman’s death?

    Secondly, if 8 million people die of cancer this year, what of the 7.99999 million who will suffer in silence and who won’t make a fortune selling their wedding, christening and final ever interview.

    My point is, several million people will die of cancer this year. Jade’s ‘inspiring story’ is being backed up by the best known publicist in Britain. I can smell money here, can’t you? Somebody’s profitting from this, and I don’t believe it’ll be Jade Goody’s two sons.

    I’ve watched people die of cancer. You probably have too. Being on the TV and newspapers doesn’t ease the pain or make the inevitability of death any easier. Frankly, the papers are coining it from Jade headlines. Living TV will be doing quite nicely from advertisers during those last few shows (and probably repeats, too). ITV will get their share when Piers Morgan interviews her. And when you consider the gravy train that this news represents, you can’t help but wonder if the public aren’t being manipulated a tad by this story.

    Take away the money, and this would be a much quieter, more dignified affair. That’s my tuppence worth.

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