James Cameron eyeing a True Lies television series

I cannot rave enough about True Lies, one of my favourite James Cameron films – it pitches Arnold Schwarznegger with Jamie Lee Curtis as a married couple, one of whom (guess which one) is a spy. Backed up by a wisecracking Tom Arnold and Tia Carrere at the absolute height of her sexiness, this was an action movie that packed in as many laughs as it did explosions.

And it had that brilliant horse in a lift scene. Priceless.

Today, the word on the street is that James Cameron, who produced and directed the 1994 movie, is planning a series based on the idea. It’s 16 years later, and Schwarznegger has moved on from full-time acting, so I’m guessing the lead characters would be recast. But the idea of a husband and wife spy team is very appealing.

When you boil it down, there’s not much more information available just yet, apart from details of the main players involved in pitching the show to the networks. Here’s a report from /Film:

the series has been in development with Rene Echevarria (The 4400, Castle) as writer and showrunner, and that it is going out  to networks now. No word yet on precisely how the film’s story will be echoed or continued within the TV series, but it would be surprising to see a Cameron-branded show not find a quick network home, even if it is an expensive proposition. So we should know more soon.

I’m thinking there are only two spy shows I’m watching, and those are [[Nikita (TV Series)|Nikita]] and the currently on hiatus [[Chuck (TV Series)|Chuck]]. True Lies may actually be closer to Chuck in theme – but the two series are sufficiently different to be able to co-exist.

The big question is…are spies about to become the new hot property in entertainment, taking over from vampires? Oh, and would you be excited about a True Lies TV series?

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