JAMES WALSH: Australia, the 1,000 Club, His Tour and Other Things

James Walsh has been a busy bee in recent times. It would take a long time to list everything the former Starsailor front man has been up to, but let’s look at a few of the more interesting ones before he gets on and does another half dozen.

First he has an EP out and I can recommend giving it a listen. There is also the free track Man on the Hill to download from his website www.jameswalshmusic.com

One of my favourite Walsh endeavours has been his YouTube based 1,000 Club. Membership was free and there was only one rule. James would upload a live performance of a song to YouTube and, once it had 1,000 views, he uploaded another. Sometimes this was a cover filmed somewhere exotic, sometimes an acoustic performance of one of his older songs and sometimes a freshly written piece recorded in his living room like this tune he had just written. Simple and very entertaining.

His latest offering was recorded on Clarkes Beach, Australia during his recent tour. He wrote: “Thanks for the nice comments and encouragement for the video. I’ve got a video I recorded at a vineyard in Adelaide waiting to go up when this gets to 1000+.” It reached the magic number fairly quickly and then we got this performance of ‘Jealous Guy’ by John Lennon at The Lane Vineyard, Adelaide, Australia  accompanied by the whispering of the wind. The sound may be iffy in places, but the performance cannot be faulted. Whether this is a continuation of the 1,000 club is unclear.

The Australian tour went well and he still seems to have the wanderbug, with a gig in Worthing swiftly followed by one in Zermatt, Switzerland, a village where he says he was stranded for a week when that  volcanic ash clouded grounded planes across a huge swathe of the northern hemisphere. James was not there this time by chance, of course. Zermatt Unplugged is an annual music festival that takes place in April. He performed in a small cafe halfway up a mountain among other places.

When he isn’t running around the world with his guitar and beautiful voice, he has been building his reputation as a songwriter, both on solo projects and in collaboration with up and coming artists. So many, in fact, that I’ve decided to simply list them at the bottom of the blog along with their web addresses (taken from the James Walsh website).

One of the more impressive collaborations is with Matt Cardle. Three songs: Faithless, Pull Me Under and Reflections made it onto Matt’s first album, Letters and a fourth, All Is Said was included on his Amazing EP.  Matt  recently finished his first full tour (more of that in a future blog) and included Faithless and Pull Me under in his set list, much to the delight of the sell out crowds. The pair are working together again and have been tweeting each other after James, apparently, spilt barbeque sauce all over Matt’s floor and admitted to being the clumsiest rock star in the world.

In between times, James has worked on other collaborations including Nashville band Wildfeathers, who are so new they don’t even have an online presence yet.

Of course, all this only scratches the surface of this busy, busy man, and yet he gives the impression that it’s just a relaxing stroll along life’s breezy beach. Did I mention he wrote a movie soundtrack and provided the singing voice for the leading character?


Diana Vickers http://www.dianavickersmusic.com/global/frontpage?cmdr=ip2country.detected

Beverly Knight http://www.beverleyknight.com/

Melanie C http://www.melaniec.net/

Christina Perri http://www.christinaperri.com/

Ilse De Langehttp://www.ilsedelange.com/

Andes Band http://www.andes-band.be/

Arno Carstens http://www.arnocarstens.com/

Dotan http://www.dotanmusic.com/

Ben Montague http://www.benmontague.co.uk/

Gabe Dixon http://www.myspace.com/gabedixonband

Milow http://www.milow.com/

Max Buskhol http://www.myspace.com/maxbuskhol

Toby Sebastian http://www.myspace.com/tobysebastian

Justin Nozuka http://www.justinnozuka.com/

Matt Cardle http://www.facebook.com/mattcardlemusic

He adds: “I also worked with a brilliant new Nashville band called Wildfeathers. They don’t have a myspace or website yet”.

Film Music: Powder (Songs and Voice Of Keva) released Summer 2011


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