Jane Espenson teases Torchwood: The New World

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Following the news that [[Torchwood (TV Series)|Torchwood]] has finally been renewed, one of the writers for the fourth series has spoken out about the process.

Jane Espenson is a big win for Russell T Davies – she’s worked on classic shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Gallactica and its prequel series Caprica. And now she’ll be putting words in Captain Jack’s mouth for a new era of Torchwood!

For a start, it’s revealed that Espenson will be writing 3 out of the 10 episodes of [[Torchwood: The New World]] (wanna help with our new wiki page?), and the entire series will be penned before filming starts. That’s UK-stylee, baby! American shows are still being written as the early episodes are being filmed, which always strikes me as complete madness anyway. Perhaps it’s why so many American series tend to meander, because they never really have a definite idea of where they’re going.

Anyway, Russell T Davies is taking trusty old UK showrunning techniques to the States. Awesome!

Because of the length of our season and the lead time before production begins, we’re actually approaching Torchwood in a very unusual way—all the episodes will be written before any of them begin shooting. This is allowing us to ‘break’ all the episodes at once, with the entire writing staff working together in a very concentrated one-month work session,” she said. “This is making for a very intense and collaborative process, all guided by Russell’s very precise vision. The final product is going to be tightly plotted and lovingly crafted.

In her interview with Blastr.com, Espenson tells us more about the new series, what to expect, and warns that it’s still a work in progress, so don’t buy in to all the internet rumours you read!

The quote that has most people excited is her discussion of mixing tones of humour and drama – something she’s got a proven pedigree in on other shows. She says:

I love blending tones—mixing the broadly comedic moment in with the darkly dramatic one can heighten both. Torchwood is a show that welcomes that kind of moment. I’m also really eager to play with all the culture-clash material that comes naturally out of the show’s pedigree. And I’m especially eager to write material that pushes the boundaries of what can ordinarily be done on television.

Go and read the full interviews. I think it’ll whet your appetite for the forthcoming fourth season. The only devastating blow is that it’s slated to air in the summer of 2011. That’s like, ages away. Awww…

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