Janey Cutler’s got talent! Scottish grandmother wows the BGT judges

Glaswegian granny Janey Cutler has impressed the Britain’s Got Talent judges, and maybe the whole country with her gutsy rendition of Edith Piaf’s No Regrets.

The 80-year-old was the highlight of tonight’s audition show, which featured acts from London and Glasgow. Mrs Cutler has 7 children, 12 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She was so frail that she had to be walked out onto the stage by Ant McPartlin. But as fragile as her legs may have been, she had no problems blasting out a rousing version of the Edith Piaf song.

Backstage, Mrs Cutler said to Britain’s Got Talent hosts Ant & Dec:

I’m here to sing. I like singing, my friends say go in for it, better late than never!

I’ve had a great life, 7 kids, hard times, happy times, no regrets.

And yes, I know that all the background music played on this final segment was designed to get us all emotional. Well, it worked. Snappy editing aside, it was just a wonderful human moment showing an elderly lady connecting with an audience from all ages and races and backgrounds. Not to babble, but this is the kind of story Britain’s Got Talent excels at.

But whether you think it was all clever editing, remember that the entire audience gave Janey a standing ovation after her song. And BGT judge Piers Morgan raved:

When Scotland appeared to be heading into its normal abyss of talentless delusion, out stepped a lady of a slightly older vintage who delivered an astonishing, spine-tingling, two-minute performance right up there with my favourite moments in BGT history.

I think it’s too easy to call her this year’s Susan Boyle. In fact, I think it might spoil her charm if she were to win it. But it was a beautiful, genuinely heartwarming piece of television.

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  1. Trudy

    This womans voice was amazing and so powerful I loved her, she brought a lump to my throat. I loved seeing the audience get to their feet and not just the oldies but youngsters too it was an incredible sight. For me I enjoyed listening to her more than Susan Boyles.

  2. The Roberts Clan

    I loved her thought she was brilliant and was definately more of a stand out performance than Subo for me personally.

    Just goes to show all these youngsters(god that makes me sound old) who think after a couple of knock backs that their life is over!!

  3. slaneyvalley

    A very brave woman at the age of eighty to get up on the stage in front of a live audience and performed very well. But I think a one off. Give me Subo any day. Susan Boyles performance was one of those ‘I remember where I was when I heard and saw her for the first time.’ A moment in time.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yes, I kind of agree with that. For one thing, we don’t need a new Susan Boyle. Sometimes it’s enough just to see a performance that’s touching without throwing out record deals like they were confetti.

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