January Jones likes to drink beer and watch sports on TV

January Jones likes to drink beer and watch sports on TV.

The ‘Mad Men’ actress admits she would rather stay at home to watch “teeth get knocked out” while enjoying a bottled beverage or two than go to a showbiz party.

She said: “This time of year I sleep in, watch football. I like cricket and I like rugby. I like seeing teeth get knocked out!

“I’m not a huge Guinness girl – it’s too filling. I like a Stella or a Peroni or something like that. Miller Lite. Nothing too fancy. You drink ’em pretty fast.”

The 33-year-old star even said she misses watching her favourite games when she travels to places where they’re not televised as much.

She said: “I remember when I was in London last year it was pretty tough to see football.”

January also confessed to a habit of chewing tobacco – but insists she tries to do it in as ladylike a manner as possible.

Explaining where she would spit it out, she said: “Not a bucket! A bottle or a cup or something. I tried to be a little discreet. I’m not a total hick.”

The blonde star seems unbothered about having a glamorous Hollywood existence, also revealing she likes doing normal things when she’s not working.

She said: “I’m very good at being off. You know, running errands, having lunch with friends, taking my dog to the park.”

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