Jason Castro on touring high schools in America

One of the most distinctive haircuts in [[American Idol (TV Series)|American Idol]] history (besides Sanjaya) is dreadlocked singer/songwriter Jason Castro. The baby-faced singer was the first American Idol singer to cause a resurgence in popularity for a previous single – scoring a hit for Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah before Alexandra Burke ever stepped out in front of [[Simon Cowell]] for an audition.

A couple of years after Idol, Jason is touring pretty solidly around America, doing gigs by night and playing in high schools by day. And he’s brought his new wife, Mandy Mayhall, along for the ride. Jason and Mandy got married in January of this year, and had been dating since 2008.

In an interview witrh CNN, Jason talks about his tour and we get a snippet of his single, Let’s Fall In Love Again. It’s from Castro’s current record, The Love Uncompromised E.P. which was released in January. I have to say, I loved the tune when I first heard it – it’s upbeat and romantic and might just provide the soundtrack to your night on 14th February – nudge, nudge!

The E.P. is available on iTunes.

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  1. winnie

    He’s doing everything right for his career and also his personal life. He is having a time of his life toueing. He’s living his dream.Congratulations Jason.

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