Jason Derulo goes back in time in ‘What If’ video

R&B’s hottest new male star Jason Derulo has premiered the cinematic new video for single What IfWhat If is the fourth single to be taken from his eponymous debut album. Watch below:

After three up-tempo cuts, Derulo finally slows things down with a ballad. This is my first time hearing the track and it sounds like it’s going to pretty catchy and will grow on me with repeated listens. I’m not really a fan of Jason’s vocal style though – it’s incredibly nasal and his falsetto is far too squeaky. It made his previous single Ridin’ Tholo Solo incredibly difficult to listen to in my opinion. However, he does seem to be the only male star consistently pushing out the hits so fareplay to him with that.

The music video is engaging enough but the whole ‘Butterfly Effect’ theme to save the girl while Jason sacrifices their first time meeting her in order to save her from being car-bashed has been done to death. Still, I guess its better than a lot of videos out right now.

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