Jason Derulo – In My Head – Single & Video Review

I kind of like Jason Derulo. He’s a purveyor of quality pop-slash-R&B tunes, and he almost reminds me of a young Chris Brown. Before Chris permanently tarnished his image with that unfortunate ‘rearranging Rihanna’s face’ incident.

I’m not making light of the domestic violence incident, but isn’t it funny how Derulo pops neatly into the slick, youthful R&B singer spot that Brown just vacated? He’s either got a flawless complexion or he’s airbrushed to within an inch of his life. He can do the fancy footwork (check out his videos), and there are the aforementioned chart-destroying tunes.

And In My Head is only his second single to date!

There’s clearly more of a rawk vibe to this single – though the same smooth harmonies carry the melody, you can hear the distorted guitars punctuating the climaxes in the song. There’s a liberal smattering of autotune on the vocals here, but it works out nicely.

An aside: How many R&B singers do you think wake up each morning and sing their own name through an autotune mic?

Moving on to the music video – it borrows heavily from Justin Timberlake’s Like I Love You video: the bit of flirting and dancing at the 7/11. Yes, the yanks have been meeting girls this way since the 1950’s, why stop now? If it ain’t broke, and all that…

In My Head – a strong, contemporary pop track that puts Derulo well on his way to cementing his reputation as a songwriter and R&B singer. Overtones of the way Taio Cruz likes to write his tunes, I’m wondering is Cruz has been an influence for Derulo’s songwriting?

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