Jason Derulo: Whatcha Say

The latest non-descript US R&B singer Jason Derulo crosses over to this side of the Atlantic to see if he can work his magic again with new single Whatcha Say, already a US Number 1 that samples the song Hide And Seek by British alternative electronic artist Imogen Heap. The single will be released on 13 November 2009 in Ireland and 16 November 2009 in UK. On first thoughts of listening to this song, Whatcha Say strongly reminds me of Akon’s Lonely although thankfully not as ear splitting. What Derulo does use is a huge level of Auto-Tune which will eventually tire the listener but also fulfils what this song has set out to do: be as catchy as swine flu! It manages this very well with Derulo robotically crooning amongst Heap’s equally Auto-Tuned chorus. So yup this song has a definite whiff of the novelty factor and Imogen Heap fans will most definitely be outraged that she’s placed in something so generic and commercial. But for now, it does the job for me! The video is perfectly accceptable, nothing wrong with it as such, just a little boring with Derulo dancing around a sunlit apartment. Expect this guy to be a one-hit wonder, he has no personality whatsoever. This song is purely for the commercial masses.

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