Jason Gardner has been receiving death threats!

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Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardner has apparently received numerous death threats after his recent verbal scrap with head coach Karen Barber several weeks ago on the live TV show.

The pair fell into a row after Jason give negative criticism to celebrity skater Johnson Beharry and Karen strongly disagreed and thought it was unacceptable.

He told the popular tabloid News of the World: “I thought maybe I wanted out when I received the death threats. It’s scary. One guy has even told me he will put a bullet through my brain. My representatives are aware of them. We’ve compiled them and will be presenting them to the authorities. You have to take these things seriously.”

Gardiner also continued to say: “Everybody’s aware of them including ITV. What these people don’t realise is that they are traceable now. The internet especially is the most stupid way to threaten me in this nature. Because we can find you. And we will. The vitriol I have received has been extraordinary. 

So now maybe he can actually get on with judging the show instead of having a row with people on the show and being constantly negative. Thats what he is paid for isn’t it?

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  1. Dara Hickey

    To be honest, I think he’s harsher than Simon has been for a very long time. Just because Simon came first doesn’t make him the real deal. Jason Gardiner is far more professional and therefore has the right to say far more eloquent comments than Simon Cowell ever had the right to.

    Robin and – more particularly – Jason, is pretty much the only Judge left on Dancing On Ice with a degree of intellect about real skating and performing. Karen should just leave her camera role.

  2. Samantha and Peter in New Zealand

    I think Jason is amazing, thank god for youtube so I can watch all the new episodes in New Zealand, I think they should give him a pay rise, after all I bet his not getting paid what Simon Cowell gets to have to put up with Death Threats.

    I wish they would give him the opportunity to do a performance on the show I bet he would be amazing, that would silence his critics,  if he can talk the talk, he should walk the walk, what about it Jas?

    Forget the Death Threats how about a Dance off!!!! Yehhhh!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Dara Hickey

      What really irritates me is that Jason Gardiner doesn’t get paid half as much as those idiots . 

      And the reason I get so irate about it is that Jason gives advice on how to improve skating using the correct terminology and offers constructive criticism that proves he is knowledgable on the subject of skating.

      Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh cannot sing. Neither can Cheryl but you’d at least think one of the three would have a decent go at trying to give constructive criticism about the SINGING, rather than coming out with a load of shit and proclaiming “Yoo’re rate op ma street!” and trying to fob that off as an expert judging singing talent.

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