Jedward continue to annoy with second single ‘All The Small Things’

Life size troll dolls Jedward may have been rather harshy dropped by Sony Entertainment after their debut single peaked at #2 instead of #1 in the UK but I’m starting to wish that Universal Records hadn’t signed them the very next day. The reason. Jedward are releasing another single, folks! NEXT MONTH! Everyone reach for the earplugs now!

Their next single will be a cover of Blink-182’s All The Small Things. Goddamnit! I wish Louis Walsh or Simon Cowell or whoever’s bloody managing them would put them in the studio and come up with some original material that they can put on a crappy album instead of taking the lazy way out with covers. Westlife, I’m also looking at you!

I happen to really like the original version too – I’m not going to pretend that it’s a classic or that it requires a decent set of vocal pipes to sing it or anything but I really don’t want to hear Jedward’s tone deaf karaoke version of the fun punk pop track.

No studio version of the track has surfaced yet so I’ll give you this low quality live performance by the hyperactive twins. Let’s hope studio trickery will help make the song more bearable when released. I’ve also added the original Blink-182 video which is an unsubtle yet hilarious parody of the boyband videos which were all the rage in the late ’90s, the time of the song’s release. Oh the irony!

Jedward’s new album will also be called Planet Jedward


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    An irate Jedward fan writes in to correct you on the album title. It’s Planet Jedward, not Team Jedward.

    As if it matters. I’m with you man, they’re a pair of raging numpties and they’re only ever going to release songs that can be sing-shouted rather than anything decent. And the fact that they’re being given cover versions rather than original material should say a lot about the record company plans for these two.

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