Jedward enter the Big Brother house. I’m fuming.


Hey, Channel 4, how much did Louis Walsh pay you for a Jedward themed eviction night?

For the first time I can remember, a pop act (if you can use that term for those morons) got to perform a current single inside the Big Brother house on an eviction night. Now, since when did Big Brother become X Factor?

Not only did Davina plug their new album when they eventually found their way out of the house, but they were the guest stars on Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

Look, here’s a wake up call to the media: just because you ‘created’ Jedward does not mean that the public love them. The public are tired of them. They got booed outside the Big Brother house. They even got booed on Big Mouth (until somebody activated some chanting fans).

Big Brother’s become a platform for promoting shitty singles these days? Are you serious? This dirge – badly sung dirge – only managed to get to #80 in the UK pop charts.

It’s ridiculous. Even if it was acceptable for Big Brother to be pimping pop music, why not choose a more deserving act? Why Jedward, an ‘act’ who’re already on their second record contract less than a year after rising to ‘fame’? It ain’t right, Channel 4. It just ain’t right.

If you’re a Big Brother fan and Jedward hater, vent your anger here…

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Not a Big Brother fan and most definitely not a Jedward fan as you know! I heard on the news that the Troll Dolls were performing in the garden of the BB Garden and the housemates were not supposed to react to them. Well fucking hell! I bet that made for ‘entertaining TV’ and their new single will shoot up 79 places to #1. Hideous! I was hoping these trolls would fade away without a fight…

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