Jennifer Lopez out of American Idol already? Mariah Carey a possible judge?

There were reports that Jennifer Lopez’s contractual negotiations for American Idol were getting out of hand a couple of weeks back. We’d read that Jenny from the block was making outlandish demands from the production team, but that they were keen to get her on board.

Not anymore, according to some reports. The key quote from the usual unnamed source is:


“Her demands got out of hand,” says the source. “Fox had just had enough.”

You may be wondering why American Idol were so desperate to get J.Lo involved in the show. From her heyday at the start of the new millennium, Lopez has seen a dramatic reversal of her popularity. As the good folks over at The Hollywood Gossip said:

It’s true that Lopez is the only person to have the number-one album and number-one movie in the same week. It’s also true that was nine years ago and she’s spent more of the remaining time searching for relevancy. Perhaps she should check her ego at the Idol door.

I suppose in a way Idol may have wanted to recapture the same success they had with Paula Abdul – a formerly hot pop star who’d fallen on hard times. American Idol reinvented Abdul as America’s slurring sweetheart. Maybe they wanted to do the same with J.Lo?

Naturally, this throws the doors open for a new series of rumours about who will fill the judging seat that Lopez’s famous ass may once have graced. America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon has a suggestion – his wife, Mariah Carey. You may have heard of her. She sings a bit. Acts a bit too. Cannon says:

She says, ‘I would love to do that.’ She is one of the greatest singers of our time; she would be great. I don’t know if she has enough time, though, but if they could work with her schedule, I know she would love to do ‘Idol.’ Let’s start the campaign!

Carey has benefited enormously from pop star wannabes taking her classic songs and singing them in an amateur style. It might be a little intimidating for contestants to be staring down at the olive-complexioned diva while belting out a lacklustre version of Without You. On the other hand, she has the star power and vocal training that Lopez lacks. I’m conflicted.

I’d suggest another male judge, but if Steven Tyler is almost confirmed as a judge, then the panel will require a touch of female glamour on the team. Mariah, as annoying as she can be, might be the right person for the job. And I’m hoping that Paula’s contract with CBS keeps her name out of the hat. What do you lot say?

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